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Project Concept

The concept behind this project is to create a memorial garden where military veterans can inter all or a part of their cremains/ashes amid a community of other proud veterans. It is to be a place of honor where friends and family members my go to remember and pay homage to their loved one. 


The memorial garden will offer two ways to be remembered:

1.  Interment of cremated ashes within the memorial space with the veteran's name, rank, service and dates memorialized in a manner to be determined by the design competition.

2.  Engraving of a veteran's name, rank and service into a wall, walkway, or other feature of the memorial in a manner determined by the design competition.


General Donations:

Many people, straight as well as LGBT  will want to contribute to this historic cause.  We gratefully accept all contributions.  It is your contributions that will make this project a reality. 

Those who want to be memorialized have two choices:

Memorialization:  $300- $600-$900 Donation

Individuals may memorialize their own service with their name engraved on a brick, paver, or piece of granite which will be integrated into the  memorial in a manner to be determined by the design competition.    This is also a way that a family member or friend may memorialize the service of a LGBT veteran who was close to them, Donations of $300-$599 will receive an 4X8 inch paver*, $600-$899 will receive an 8X8 inch paver*,and those donating $900 and above will receive a 8X12 inch paver*.  In each case, "paver" is used to include which ever material the design calls for.

Interment:   $2500 or more Donation

Dedicated interment space is limited and subject to the landscape design.  Phase I of the Project permits up to 35 interment sites.  Phases II through VI will add 80 to 100 more interment sites.  Note:  Fees associated with opening and closing an interment site are subject to the cemetery's applicable fees at the time of the interment.  Those fees are separate from the interment site donation and are payable at the time of the interment.  The amount is subject to the Cemetery's applicable fees at the time and may possibly be covered by the individual's burial insurance.

Individual Burial Plots:  

Although not a part of the Memorial Project, those who plan to have a full casket burial and would like to be near the Memorial may make separate arrangement to purchase a burial plot from Congressional Cemetery.  The current price is $4000

Monument and Memorial Design:

The final design of the memorial site and the monument will be determined by a panel of judges who will select from submissions from artists who choose to submit a design for the competition.  We are confident that we will receive some impressive designs befitting the meaning of the project.  Anyone interested in  submitting a design should contact for further information.

Collecting our stories:

Our intent is to collect the stories of those memorialized on the site and to have those available to visitors to the cemetery.

The National LGBT Veterans Memorial project is a tax-exempt organization under paragraph  501(c)(3) of IRS Regulations.

   If you prefer to donate by check you may make your check payable to NLGBTVM  and mail it to NLGBTVM,  and mail it to NLGBTVM, P.O. Box 780514, San Antonio, Texas 78278-0514.
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