National LGBT Veterans Memorial
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Memorial Design Competition

New deadline for submissions is now November 1.


National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project

Monument Design Competition

I. Competition Announcement:

The National Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Veterans Memorial Project is pleased to announce a national competition to design a monument for the veterans memorial space at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, to honor LGBT veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces.  

 II.  Project Concept Statement:

The concept behind this project is to honor LGBT military veterans. There are three specific aspects regarding this purpose: First, a central monument will be created; secondly the memorial ground will include burial space for cremains of honorably discharged veterans; and thirdly, individual memorializations.  While the site will serve individuals, it will also serve as a national place of honor, retaining the dignity of a memorial garden.  The designer should keep in mind that the Memorial will also be used for ceremonies, wreath layings and other services.

 III.  Eligibility:

The design competition is open to all interested participants.

IV.  Competition Management:

The design competition shall be managed by the NLGBTVM Board of Directors and its designated representatives.

V.    Submissions:
    a.    Detail- Submissions must be of sufficient detail that site construction can begin with little or no further refinement of  the basic design.

    b.     Fees - There are no fees for submitting a proposal.

    c.  Number of submissions - There are no limits on the number of submissions a person, firm, or team may submit.

    d.  Format for submissions - Submissions must be delivered:

                                   i.      Electronically in pdf format to: and

                                   ii.      Two hard copies through US Mail, UPS, FedEx or similar service to:     National LGBT Memorial Project
                                                                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 780514
                                                                                                                                                                           San Antonio, TX 78278-0514

      e.    Confidentiality - All submissions will be treated as confidential unless confidentiality is specifically waived by entrant, except    that the winning entry and two runner-up entries may be placed on the Memorial Project web site.

      f.   Ownership of Design – Each submission must be accompanied by a statement of authorship attesting that the
               design is original and is the work of the entrant.  The top three winning entry designs shall become the
               property of the National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project, with attribution to the designing entrant.

      g.  Questions and concerns should be submitted to 

      a. Selected designer may be given a contract to complete construction drawings.

      I.  Proposed Timetable: (Subject to change)

            a.  Design Competition announced on Immediately

            b.  Submission deadline - October 15, 2013
            c.  Jury Review- TBA

            d.  Design Presentation for finalists -TBA

            e. Jury final selection  of winning entry -  TBA

            f.  Memorial  Project and Congressional Cemetery  approvals of winning design NLT TBA


        VIII.  Review Process:

         a.  Design Jury

                  i.  Executive Director or Board President of NLGBTVM

                 ii.  Representative of the Association for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery.

                iii.  Noted architect, landscape architect, artist, sculptor or other authority

                iv.  Noted architect, landscape architect, artist, sculptor or other authority

                 v.  One or more LGBT Veterans  

      b The jury’s decisions are made by simple majority vote. All decisions by the jury are final and are  not subject to appeal. 
        any  recourse to courts of law is excluded.  Judges decision is final.  Staff of and persons related to members of the                  awarding authority board of directors, Congressional Cemetery board of directors and the competition management are not eligible to enter the competition.

              c.  Winning entry shall be submitted by the jury to the NLGBTVM  and the Congressional Cemetery Board 
                   of Directors for final approval.                                         



       IX.  Design Parameters

            aStatement of Intent:

                 It is intended that the Memorial Project be used in the manner set forth in the Project Concept outlined in Section II..
                    The recognition of the individuals interred within the Memorial Project, as well as those memorialized,  will  be 
                    addressed other than on the monument.                         

              b.  Description of Site

                   The current proposed memorial space is fifteen (15) feet deep and sixteen (16) feet wide totalling 240 square feet. It is 
                   necessary the base of the monument not exceeed approximately 48 square feet, i.e., 8' x 6' or 8' diameter circle (real-
                   ing an 8' diameter circle is approximately 50.24 sf). The height of the monument cannot exceed 25 feet in height.

                   Congressional Cemetery is a 35 acre parcel on the eastern edge of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  The cemetery is  
                   generally a flat plain with few natural topographical features.  The Memorial Project site has a six foot setback off the

                roadway.  There is a fairly young oak tree at the South end of the project's future extension area. Design site
                photos and diagrams are available by request.


               c.   Core Features:

                    The Monument Project design submissions must include the following elements:

                    i.      Perspective drawings:
                            1.  An overall drawing of the intended look and feel for the site.
                            2.  An overhead plat of the design elements.
                            3.  A street view elevation of the design elements.

                    ii.      A central monument dedicated to LGBT Veterans.  The central monument will not include individual names, but  may                      contain emblems of the five services. The services being the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.


                    iii.   Landscaping plans, if any,  considering native low maintenance plants or shrubs with root systems that will not
                           interfere with memorial design  by growing under stones and bricks causing them to heave.

                   iv.    Memorialization by engraved bricks, pavers or similar materials may be incorporated around the design in
                          three (3) sizes:   4” 8”, 8” x 8” and 12” x 8” respectively.

                   vi.    An estimate of the cost of the monument


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